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We will tailor a package based on the client's requirements and budget. Options are available for both private and business purchasers.


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Credit Agreement

A Credit Agreement is one of the simplest and most popular ways for many motorists to finance a new or used vehicle. A Credit Agreement enables you to place a deposit towards the contract, either as cash or by using equity in your current vehicle as a trade-in. Flexible terms are available including the option to have a balloon amount (larger final payment) built into your contract giving you the ability to tailor the repayments to best suit your budget, as well as your vehicle trading cycle.

Deposit & Monthly Payments & Ownership

Business Lease

This flexible leasing plan for business users offers possible tax benefits while improving cash flow. The advantage of a Business Lease is that it enables you to structure the contract by selecting a term and you agree a suitable residual value with us, this allows you to tailor your monthly rentals to suit your budget. Residual value risk is carried by you. And because the rentals are fixed and known in advance, you have firm control over your vehicle budget. After the lease period is over, the vehicle is returned to us. You then have the option to take out a new lease and upgrade your vehicle to the latest model.

Advance Rental & Monthly Rentals & End of Term Options

Operating Lease

Exclusive Automotive Finance offers a Non Maintained Operating Lease on new and selected demonstrator vehicles. An Operating Lease can best be described as a long-term rental arrangement based on a term and specified kilometre allowance. An Operating Lease allows you to easily budget your vehicle expenses, and your monthly rentals are fixed over the term of the lease. Under an Operating Lease the vehicle is treated as an off balance sheet expense so frees up your working capital. After the lease period is over, the vehicle is returned to us. You then have the option to take out a new lease and upgrade your vehicle to the latest model.

Advance Rental & Monthly Rentals & Return Vehicle

Further information can be obtained relating to these products along with their relevant fees & charges by clicking on the following link.


Most clients have a history or relationship with an insurance broker and or an insurance company. At Independent Prestige we can offer you full comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. Some of the benefits our insurer offers to protect your investment are;

· New for new replacement for 3 years.

· No claims bonus for life.

· Genuine manufacturer's parts are used upon repair.

· Only authorised repairers are used.

· Cover for both private and business use.

· Cover for track and training days.

Conditions do apply - please check the following website for details -

Mechanical Warranties

For vehicles purchased outside of their new car warranty you can purchase a mechanical warranty to protect you against future mechanic failure. There are different levels of cover available so call us to see what is best suited for your vehicle.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Answering all your important questions

Q. Why would I finance a vehicle when I am able to pay cash?

A. Whether we like it or not - vehicles depreciate. Why would you invest your hard earned capital into an item that loses money over time? Retain your capital or invest it in something that will generate future wealth and pay for your vehicle out of cash flow, on a monthly basis.

Q. Aren't the costs associated with finance high?

A. No they aren't. Remember, the vehicle is the only security taken for the loan. If you compare this type of borrowing via banks and other credit organisations - you will find that we are very competitive.

Q.** Is it difficult and time consuming to arrange finance / lease package.**

A. No, a simple one page credit application is taken and we will generally have an answer for you within an hour. From there all documentation is completed by us and signed when you take delivery of your new vehicle.