DB11 Launch Night


An Aston Martin fit for any 007.

Away from the public in the heart of Cibo, Aston Martin Auckland unveiled the new DB11 to New Zealand.

The evening was the preview event for the new DB11

Showcasing a fresh and distinctive design language, pioneering aerodynamics, powered by a potent new in-house designed 5.2-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine and built upon a lighter, stronger and more space efficient bonded aluminum structure, DB11 is the most powerful, most efficient and most dynamically gifted DB model in history. As such it is the most significant new Aston Martin since the introduction of the DB9 in 2003.


The design team have taken our signature Aston Martin design and modernised it.

It retains the tight yet simple surface details and perfect sports car proportions of its predecessors to create an imposing yet stylish road presence that is unmistakably Aston Martin.


Great Food and a Great Atmosphere

Starting at the front of the car, the iconic Aston Martin grille has been enlarged and tilted forward, whilst the new Clamshell bonnet uses one ofthe largest single pieces of aluminum on any road car to create a gorgeous and uninterrupted face.

A continuous roof pillar made from extruded and pressed aluminum running from the base of the windscreen to the base of the rear glass is available in 3 finishes and creates a new design signature.

The vehicles innovative aerodynamic properties include the unique Curlicue found inside the trademark side strake which extracts high pressure air from the wheel arch to reduce lift. When the covers are off, run your hands under the side strake and you’ll feel it.

The new Aston Martin AeroBlade features discreet vents at the back of the rear side glass to channel air through the boot lid and out upwards from the rear deck lid to create a 'virtual rear spoiler' giving performance car aerodynamics without interrupting the lines of the car.


The engine has a thumping 600bhp and 700nm of torque and hits 100kmh in just 3.9 seconds. The chassis features torque vectoring for the first time in an Aston Martin and enables the car to brake the inside wheel during cornering maneuvers to sharpen dynamic ability on the road.

The new interior features a raft of new technology from our technology partner, Mercedes-Benz and brings a substantial improvement in usability and functionality including keyless access and start, 360-degree surround cameras and even the option of automatic parking.

The beautiful interior allows for immense personalisation by way of trim and colour splits, stitching details, quilting,perforation accents and even Brogue detailing inspired by fine English Oxford shoes from our Q department.


In comparison to DB9 its longer, lower and wider by only a small amount, whilst boot space has been increased as has cabin headroom and rear seat packaging.

Quality has also been a big focus. Prototype cars spent over 25,000kmstesting through Death Valley in California, as well as been flown to Melbournewhere it was tested punishingly at the You Yangs proving ground before drivingto Adelaide, up to Darwin then around to Brisbane, Sydney and back toMelbourne.

In fact, the first 1,000 DB11s built, which might I say sold out very quickly, will be personally inspected and signed off by our CEO, Dr Andy Palmer.

I know a many of you will be keen to test drive the DB11, and we'll be eagerly awaiting our first cars to arrive in November in time for our move to our state of the art new showroom and we look forward to showing off the cars dynamic capabilities to you later this year.

I know that the presence and lines of this car are even better in the flesh than the photos describe. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on the car.

Finally, the big moment. The car we saw that night was an early prototype car, and it's been dragged right around the Asia Pacific region to show it off. It's not the final finish of the car but we're so glad Aston Martin have flown it into New Zealand to give you the chance to see it 5 months ahead of its official arrival.

So, friends, I give you- DB11